Strategic Objectives

The objectives for which FABCOS was established are to:

•   Advance the ideals of black economic empowerment.

•   Work towards the liberation of the economy from its historical constraints.


•   Protect and promote the interests of disadvantaged business people and consumers to enable them to benefit from the economy.

•   Strive for the gender equality of its members and the protection of children’s rights.

•   Improve the standards of business practices by rendering facilities, services and infrastructure to members and member associations.

•   Share resources and facilities in the best interests of its members.

•   Establish regional offices and resource centres according to provincial boundaries where there is a need, and to make these available to members.


•   Facilitate training and development programmes for members and member associations.

•   Provide all members with membership cards or certificates.

•   Facilitate interface and interaction between small business and established corporate businesses in the economy.

•   Encourage business ventures that create opportunities for and economically empower members.

•   Assist members financially, when so decided and distribute benefits to its members.

•   Create discussion forums with other business organisations on subjects of mutual concern.

•   Represent the interests of FABCOS members nationally and internationally, and to serve as a reference body for members or member associations.

•   Promote, draft, or assist in promoting or drafting any bill, or ordinance calculated to further the objects of FABCOS or its members

  • Make representations to local, Regional and Central Government on business and consumer issues, in consultation with and on behalf of its members.