Access to Markets

Strong links to markets for small businesses is essential to securing their viability, growth and sustainability. Improving these links creates a virtuous circle by boosting productivity, increasing incomes and strengthening the economy. Better access by small businesses to domestic and international markets means that they can reliably sell more products at better prices.


FABCOS understands that effective and sustained market access is directly dependent on the extend to which the value chain is better managed to serve your business. The cost of raw materials, storage and transportation contribute to the price of the product taken to market. Without managing these costs, market access will remain elusive.


In addition to infrastructure there is information. Knowing in real time the market prices and demand is vital for participation in modern value chains. Being an active member of FABCOS brings many essential benefits. FABCOS members are able to bulk produce, reduce costs through economies of scale and perhaps most importantly, to strengthen their bargaining power with powerful private-sector actors. Membership can also bring access to financial, processing and business services, all of which are key to empowering small businesses to deal with the larger players in the private sector on a more level playing field.


FABCOS has the tools, knowledge, networks and resources to hold your hand in accessing local and global markets. As a member of FABCOS, you will be exposed to sector specific seminars, trade shows, exhibitions and business-to-business linkages.


We invite any business that is interested in procuring quality products from small black-owned businesses in South Africa to contact us.  

Key Interventions



An SME-friendly exchange and trading platform to facilitate trade


A black-owned Commodity Trader that facilitates access to local and global markets for small businesses in SA


Long-term bulk storage facilities for small businesses


Incubation centres to improve quality production