Access to Finance

FABCOS has since 1988 developed innovative partnerships and ways in which accessing finance is made possible for SMMEs. This led to the creation of a number of SMME funds and interventions which assist SMMEs with loans, incentives and grant support.

FinFind is a virtual portal that assists SMMEs in finding financial advisors and through them accessing funding

Finding and accessing finance for your business does not have to be so difficult any more ...

The Fund provides funding for renewable energy and carbon saving projects


The acute lack of user-friendly comprehensive information about SMMEs in South Africa has resulted in information asymmetry between SMMEs and prospective lenders, making SMME access to financial and trade credit less than adequate.


FABCOS is part of a constructive collaborative intervention to establish an SMME Credit Rating Agency in South Africa.

UTFS provides Business Loans in 48 hrs. It is a partnership between FABCOS and UT Bank from Ghana. UTFS loans are specifically designed with the entrepreneur and trader in mind.

FABCOS has a formal partnership agreement with the DTI to facilitate access to the DTIs incentive schemes for the benefit of small businesses

The Fund provides funding for agricultural inputs and capital implements

sefa NAFCOC FABCOS Enterprise Development Fund